Cebu Skimcoat Supplier for Interior and Exterior Usage

Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines
September 21, 2020
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TRIMAR CONSTRUCTION AND TRADING is an authorized distributor/dealer for the following top of the line skimcoat brands.


- Davies SOLO Skimcoat White (powder) - 420/bag

- Pioneer Pro Skimcoat White (powder) - 450/bag

- Island Super Fine Skimcoat White (powder) - 450/bag

- Nippon Water Resistant Skimcoat White (powder) - 450/bag

- Nippon Acyrlic Skimcoat - 5kgs (420/pail - coverage - 20sqm)

- Nippon Acrylic Skimcoat - 30 kgs (1,750/pail - coverage 120sqm)

- Nippon Water Resistant Skimcoat Powder White - 450/bag



- Super Adhesion (provides great adhesion with today’s modern latex paints)

- Resistant to hairline cracks

- Smoothens masonry surfaces

- Alkalai Resistant

- Optimum potlife for easier workability

- superior strength and durability

- Covers pinholes

- Sag Resistant

- Easy to use (add water)


TRIMAR Construction and Trading is a professional painting works contractor based in Cebu City that can do painting works for Residetial, Commercial and Industrial Buildings or Establishments.






Contact Information
Phone: 0322544740
Address: Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines,

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