Yuta data data sa consolacion cebu

Cebu Province, Cebu, Philippines
August 17, 2018
Views: 320
Price: Php6 000.00
Condition: Brand New
Purpose: Sell
Property Type: Plots
Land Area: 100
Lots for sale at Alville Valley Subdivision
Located at Brgy. Tilhaong, Consolacion

For as low as Php 4,028/per month

Lot For sale
Available Lot Cutting: 50sqm, 60sqm, 80sqm, 100sqm, 150sqm and 240sqm
Price: Php 6,000/per sqm
Payable up to 6 years with 0% interest.
50 sqm for as low as Php 4,028/per month
60 sqm for as low as Php 4,861/per month
80 sqm for as low as Php 6,528/per month
100sqm for as low as Php 8,194/per month
150 sqm for as low as Php 12,361/per month
200 sqm for as low as Php 16,528/per month

Entrance gate with Guardhouse
Perimeter fence
Concrete road
Underground drainage
Electrical line system
Water line system
Parks and Playgrounds

Contact us for more information:
Contact Information
Phone: 09321262986
Address: Cebu Province, Cebu, Philippines,

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