February 16, 2019
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Have you already heard this word, NUCLEOTIDE?

First of all, I would like to introduce the company that I am associated with: Forever Healthy Products Inc. (FHPI) offers health regimens especially the product lines called ImuRegen (properly pronounced as ee-myo-ree-jen, that stands for strong Immunity + cell Regeneration), which have already changed the books of the medical world.

Why ImuRegen? Most food supplements are just nutrition for your cells or protecting them. ImuRegen is more than that and very different, but a bit related to stem cells treatment however doesn’t need any implant. ImuRegen contains a set of dietary NUCLEOTIDES and other bio-materials, by which they help repair your DNA / body cells / tissues / organs. My first proof is my friend’s kin: Stage 3 breast cancer (turned purple) w/ pneumonia, dancing again in a month after consuming just 3 bottles of ImuRegen liquid.

Consuming natural extract nucleotides has long been discovered in 1954 in Europe to offset the negative effects of chemotherapy, but was hidden in public view until a few years ago. It has a documented FINAL REPORT (12,600+ clinical studies) that was published by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, through a grant from the World Health Organization (WHO). The boom of the pharmaceutical companies also masked its presence as it was very much misunderstood and disregarded.

We are all made of cells, and nucleotides are sub-units or building-blocks of our DNA hence when your nucleotides’ level are low or deficient due to infections, radiation (gadgets), pollution, stress, unhealthy lifestyle or body injuries, your cells will be dysfunctional, which will eventually make your health deteriorate or your life at risk.

Your DNA cannot be fully repaired when a material is missing or nucleotides are insufficient. When you consume dietary nucleotides, your organs will rapidly be repaired and renewed in the cellular level thus normal functionality is ultimately achieved. You need to supplement your body with nucleotides for your cells to regenerate and rejuvenate faster.

ImuRegen turns out well on: CANCERs (even at stage 4 or under chemotherapy), Diabetes, High Blood (Hypertension), Stroke, Tumors / Cysts, Kidney Problems (especially under dialysis), Arthritis / Gout, Cardiovascular Problem, Thyroidism, Prostate Problem, Asthma, Pneumonia, Depression, Lymphoma, Lupus, Dengue, Erectile Dysfunction, Dementia, Psoriasis, Myoma, HIV, Autism and other Terminal Case Diseases.

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